F1 News: Max Mosley says “Farewell, Ferrari!”



How exactly does one go about getting Luca di Montezemolo’s panties in a bunch?  Max Mosley will tell you after the jump.

Last week, the FIA announced their proposed budget cap of £40m for all teams on the F1 grid from 2010 forward—a fact which did not sit well with Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, leading him to issue a statement calling the ruling “fundamentally unfair.”

In what was surely being recorded for Max Mosley’s video CV for use when applying for a position as a UN Ambassador, Mr. Mosley’s response was quite simple:

“The sport could survive without Ferrari. It would be very sad. It is the Italian national team.”

Of course it’s obviously a sad state of affairs when Bernie Ecclestone is the one building bridges rather than burning them:

“The trouble with Max is he’s not capable, like in the past, of wrapping things up nicely with a pink ribbon and things. He wants to put it in an old cardboard box and tie it with string.

“The trouble with Luca is that you shouldn’t let Max ever be in a position where he can start a debate or an argument. He’s reasonably clever and you won’t win. Even if you do win, it’s like you being in the audience and me being there with the microphone. You say something smart and I don’t give you the microphone — it’s as easy as that.”

One wonders whether or not this is all a smokescreen meant to take our attention away from the righteous sense of indignation some might feel at the “most wins” system coming into play in 2010. It’s exactly what it sounds like: at the end of the season, rather than the Driver’s Championship being decided upon by which driver has the most points overall, it will instead be decided upon based on which driver has the most wins.

That old line about how “to finish first, first you must finish?” Not true in F1 from 2010. :P