F1 News: Double The Comeback, Double The Fun? (Canadian Grand Prix and Jacques Villeneuve)


jacques-villeneuve He’s baaaaaaack…or he might be, anyway. Given how much is currently up in the air in the wide world of Formula One, another piece of speculation on what’s upcoming should be viewed as just that: rampant speculation. Still, you’ll want to follow the jump to find out what those current rumours are.

During this past weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, Jacques Villeneuve was in attendance and was ever a man of mystery regarding whether he was there for business or pleasure. Currently, rumours are swirling that he’s approached Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor about the possibility of a drive for USF1—should they fail to find better homegrown US options as drivers. He believes he’s both fast and fit enough, and was said to be “missing” the sport after seeing the teams racing on slicks again. He may have been out of it for awhile, but Rubens is still going quite well, and Jacques Villeneuve is still younger than Barrichello!

In other may-eventually-become-news, talks are allegedly underway regarding the return of the Canadian Grand Prix for 2010. For that to happen, Bernie Ecclestone may need to set his sights lower in terms of the money required in the midst of our current global economic downturn, but as the article I’ve linked rightly points out—the Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve never has half the trouble selling out that some other circuits do. It also can’t be beat for history and sheer design interest. Even though F1, like anything, is a business—surely that’s got to count for something.