eBay: Citroen HY Van


From the 1956 Paris Show Stand (or so the seller claims) comes this eccentric French house on wheels. You’ll never be accused to trying to keep up with the Joneses with this camper van. They can keep their diesel trucks and their $100,000 trailers as you waft effortlessly in this front-wheel drive, front-engined classic. The corrugated steel body panels not only ooze Gallic flair, they also increased the safety of the vehicle without increasing the cost of production. And did I mention that the doors are suicide?

But what about the asking price?

A mere $25,000 using the But It Now option. Ok, so it doesn’t exactly run in its current state, but with a few bloody knuckles tweaks, it should be cruising the Trans-Canada in no time. And if you can’t seem to get it running, at least it’ll make for fabulous driveway art. It looks better than any Jeff Koons art, at least.

Hurry! There are only 5 days left!