Da Streetz: BMW X6



Da Streetz is a new feature that I just decided to start at CarEnvy.ca; such are the freedoms afforded by blogging. Da Streetz will feature automotive delights that I come across in my daily travels in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Today, I spotted a BMW X6 at the golf course where I play. Nothing terribly unusual about that, I suppose, but this one was particularly special. As you may already know, the X6 is one my least favourite vehicles in the world for two reasons: first, it’s ugly and pointless, and second, it has encouraged other designers and manufacturers to produce similarly ugly and pointless vehicles (case in point: the Aston Martin Lagonda concept). And as if the X6 were bad enough on its own merits, this particular owner decided to kick things up a notch. This was accomplished by the addition of a tailgate rack and a powdercoat finish on the stock rims. Neither is exactly tasteful, but it’s the tailgate rack that really turned my head. You know a vehicle design is compromised when…

Maybe the owner’s next modification will include Lambo-style doors, chrome windshield wipers, and a 6″ lift kit.