Chicago Auto Show 2009: Godzilla Attacks Chicago Skyline! (Nissan GT-R)



This particular 480HP, AWD monster doesn’t really need an introduction,  does it?  Its legendary race prowess has preceded it for so long that you’d almost begun to worry whether whatever version we got could possibly live up to all the hype.  And then there was Gran Turismo, which brought the worldwide obsession to a whole new level.  And then life imitated art, and Polyphony Digital designed the nav display in this particular iteration of Nissan’s beloved racing legend.  As though it wasn’t already the stuff dreams are made of, the line between fantasy and reality was further blurred.  Behold, the magic of a relatively affordable supercar—well, as compared to its closest and most comparably capable competition. (I’m looking at you, R8—over $50K more, what gives?)  Full gallery of mean, competition-thrashing glory after the jump.

It is, after all, Supercar Saturday here at, and it doesn’t really get much more super than this. :D

[Photos: Joe Lucente]