BMW Wants To Show Canadians How Good A 3-Series Really Is



So, you’ve got two hours to kill? Well BMW is asking you to reconsider watching re-runs of Seinfeld all day and instead, they want you to use your time to drive their cars. And their competition’s cars. For those two hours. For free. For Canadians only. For serious.

You see, the 3 series is considered the benchmark in the luxury sport sedan segment. Audi, Lexus, Infiniti and even Cadillac have long been plotting to take BMW’s crown, and they all think they have done it with their respective compact sedans.

Turns out that BMW doesn’t like this, and is going straight to YOU, the consumer, to prove that their 3 series is still the king.

Find out how you can get in on the action, after the jump.

All you lucky dogs who live in Van City, T dot, and the home of the best hockey team in the world (I’m obviously referring to Montreal), will have a shot at not only driving a 3 series, but also driving its competitors. No word on if the M3 will be part of the 3 series family experience, but the 335d is confirmed to make an appearance. 

And just to sweeten the deal that much more, you can also bring along a friend to share in the experience.

Their goal is to help increase sales, presumably in our market specifically. For some inexplicable reason, luxury marks such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz are actually making gains in the Canadian market, and BMW wants a piece of the pie.

Feel free to sign up at BMW Canada’s website, however there is no guarantee you’ll be chosen. Obviously BMW isn’t going to give just any member of the public the keys to $40,000 + luxury sedans. So you should probably tell your 16 year old brother not to bother signing up.