BMW Developing New 3 and 4 Cylinder Engines



Sky Motoring is reporting that Bayerische Motoren Werke is working on a five new engines for its 1-series and 3-series models. You haven’t heard of Sky Motoring before? Me neither. But they’ve probably never heard of, so I guess that’s not a huge deal.

On the surface, this news isn’t that suprising. BMW is known and praised for its engines, as I found out when I drove the N54 in the 135i, so hearing that they’re pumping R&D funds into engine development is less surprising than finding out that the new Star Trek movie was as good as the previews made it out to be. The interesting part of this BMW news is the (claimed) minute displacement relative to the (claimed) prodigious power output.

A full outline of the 3 and 4-bangers is after the jump.

x16i – 1.35-litre, 3-cylinder, 163bhp/140 lb-ft
x18i – 1.35-litre, 3-cylinder, 201bhp/162 lb-ft
x20i – 1.35-litre, 3-cylinder, 241bhp/192 lb-ft
x23i – 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder, 273bhp/220 lb-ft
x25i – 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder, 321bhp/258 lb-ft


Obviously, forced induction, in the form of turbocharging, will be required. As will direct injection, in order to achieve these output figures.

The higher output engines will make their way into higher-end models, while the smaller engines will be available across the range. In some countries, at least. Canada could definitely use some of these smaller engines, but it’s not clear whether we’ll be treated to them this time. The 318ti, didn’t go over so well, so BMW may be hesistant for a repeat. That car was released into a different, less environmetally-aware, market, so I think that we’re ready for less powerful, more fuel-efficient beamers.

The most interesting prospect for these engines is the upcoming Z2 roadster. Now that the Z4 has softened and matured (and porked-up), there is lots of room below it in the range. And we all know how much BMW likes to fill in niches. Remember the Titans X6.

[Sky Motoring via Autoblog]