Axis Tuesday: BMW University



Your BMW is going to school to learn, and you’re going to be the teacher. The goal is to make your BMW smarter to help you save time and fuel. BMW is testing a system that can clear you of traffic congestion and divert you to alternate routes if need be.

Basically, the system is going to guess your destination. It will pick up on your typical driving destinations, learn them and store them into its memory. This will help your BMW to get to know you…in a stalkerish kind of way. The more you visit a particular destination, the more it reinforces the location in its memory. So, if you forget to set your nav system, your car will deduce from your driving history that you are likely going to work, and will find a clear route for you to take automatically.

Seemingly, this system would kick in all the time. Chances are, you know where you work, right? So obviously, you wouldn’t set your nav system direct you to your own office each morning.  Unless you’re Lucy Whitmore from 50 First Dates, that is.

Keeping with the stalker theme, your BMW will know where your kid goes to school too. If you drop your kid off at school each day, it will again store that into its memory. It can even tell if your child is in the car and will automatically give you the most direct traffic-free route to his/her school, on your way to work.

This could be potentially embarassing if you frequent a strip club, and then let your mom borrow your car.

No word yet on what happens when BMW gets your destination wrong. Does it get held back a grade?

[image from eBid]