Andrey Trofimchuk is Evil and Tasteless



The Russian designers have been going nuts recently, first was the whale-penismobile, and now this, which is ugly, and offends my sensibilities. Maserati is one of my favourite marques, and Trofimchuk has put a trident on this… I’m outraged. This Andrey fellow has designed a Maserati crossover, which thankfully has nothing to do with any real Masers. Still though, this makes a Porsche Cayenne look like a Ferrari Testarossa. It looks like it should live in the depths of the ocean and lure small fishies closer with its head-lamps before devouring them. It looks like a fat toad after 30 minutes in the microwave. It looks like it should be covered in slime and living under a bridge. Also, I just noticed that the design album on Car Design, is labelled “Design Sh!t.” Couldn’t have put it better myself. More pictures of this horrible atrocity after the jump. 

[Car Design via World Car Fans]