2012 BMW 3-Series Caught Oot and Aboot


Screen shot 2009-11-15 at 3.31.35 PM

This is a video of the 2012 BMW 3-series out for a drive. BMW is still annoyingly good at camouflaging their upcoming models with that swirly hypno-camo, but at least we can see a side profile and the rear. For 2012, a 340i is rumoured to be the top model (besides the M3, obviously) producing 360 horsepower.

Also rumoured is a 4 cylinder engine with twin turbos under the hood. BMW has already hinted at using 4 and even 3 cylinder engines to keep in line with the new fuel efficiency standards, so this rumour is likely true.

Judging from the dual exhausts, this is like the 340i we are seeing and hearing. It also sounds as if Infiniti has really caught BMW’s attention as that exhaust note is now more in line with that of the G37. You probably also noted the rather Passat-ish looking tail lights, don’t worry, those are just cover-ups – expect the real ones to look more like the X1 and F01 7-series.

Video below the fold.