2010 RX350 Revealed


The RX350 is one of the best-selling premium SUVs in Canada, and with good reason.  The RX has a creamy smooth powertrain and a sumptuous interior that both isolates its occupants from all the negativity outside, and coddles them with its soft leather and classy ambience.  Bulletproof reliability and the hybrid’s “green” image solidify its recipe for success.

Lexus recently revealed the next generation of the RX at the Los Angeles Auto Show. While definitely not as attractive as the concept renderings, it seems to look inoffensive.  Yes, that’s the best description I could muster up.  I think that this new RX takes a step back in styling, which often happens when a company tries to play it safe.  

Lexus, playing it safe with styling?  Bahhhh.  


 Interestingly, Lexus seems to have taken more liberties with the interior styling.  There’s a lot of, um… how shall I put this?  Swoopiness.  With arcs and cuts here and there, there’s a lot of visual interest, and all the requisite luxuries are present.  In the premium segment, new high-tech features are important with each new model, and the RX is all set to impress with options like LED headlights, radar cruise control and “Remote Touch Controls.”  

Powertrain choices include the ubiquitous 3.5 L V6, a 295-hp Hybrid V6, and something a little unexpected, a clean diesel version.  Seemingly contradictory to the very nature of the RX, a sport package will be available too.

The RX defined a certain niche of the premium SUV segment, and is defending its territory well.  It doesn’t do hard-edged sportiness like the BMW SUVs, but rather the soft, isolation chamber-style luxury that Lexus made famous.  If that’s what you’re after, look for the new RX at your local Canadian Lexus dealer in a few months!