Nissan Canada Stuns Us In 1/10th Scale!


I love radio-controlled cars. Before futzing with Datsuns and Volkswagens and BMWs, I had a Marui Super Wheelie. Looking like an anime version of a Toyota FJ40, it would, as the name suggested, pop massive wheelies. The body was beautifully detailed polystyrene, but it broke easily under my untrained driving fingers. Tree! Squirrel!

For four years I burned through a variety of other cars. A Marui Galaxy RS buggy followed, and ultimately replaced, the Super Wheelie. From Tamiya I ran a Porsche 959, a Super Champ and Blackfoot Ford F150. I had a Mugen Bulldog II, a goofy all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-steering creation with air shocks and ball differentials. The center ball differential was broken out of the package and I drove the car maybe once.

My interest in RC faded like cheap enamel in the desert sun as soon as I laid my neophyte hands on a real car. Assuming you think a 1972 Datsun 510 is a real car. Which I did. Which it was. Today a mint Super Wheelie sits next to a Tamiya Sand Scorcher (VW Beetle) on the mantle above the fireplace. They are not driven, but are occasionally dusted.

Speaking of Datsun, erm, Nissan, check out this video from Nissan Canada for the Sentra SE-R. While it’s very cool they used an radio-controlled Sentra for the feature car, it’s over-the-top wicked awesome they used a 1/10 scale Skyline as a camera car and an RC helicopter for the aerial shots.

When you get done watching that, watch another video below. It shows the process for creating this masterpiece.

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