Picture of the Day: Spadaconcept Codatronca Edition + Bonus



I chose this picture today because I mentioned the Codatronca in yesterday’s Stile Bertone Mantide article, but it probably wasn’t fair to assume that everyone was familiar with the other recent Corvette-based Italian-designed sports car. So aside from this picture, I’m going to fill you in on the details. And there are even “bonus” images!


Available in three trim levels ranging from 512 hp to 700 hp, the Spadaconcept Codatronca TS was designed by Ercole Spada, who also penned the Aston Martin DB4, Alfa Romeo TZ and Fulvia Zagato Sport. A respectable CV, then. Under the hood is the LS7 from the Corvette Z06 with or without two superchargers, depending on trim. This makes 0-60 possible in under 3 seconds. Properly quick. The asking price on one of these is somewhere in the 200,000 Euro range, if you must know.

One of the most interesting design features of the Codatronca is the LCD display on the tail of the car, right in the middle of the triangular element. It tells people behind you how fast you’re going! That kind of puts an end to any disputes you were having with the photo radar cameras. Nothing a piece of tape couldn’t fix.

Sure, the Codatronca is a tenth of the price of the one-off Mantide, and yes, both are better from the back than the front, but which would you have?