The Apocalypse, Brought To You By Chrysler (Terminator: Salvation)



Chrysler is underwriting Terminator: Salvation, the fourth in the Terminator series, starring Christian Bale. After recieving their $4 billion USD from the United States government, they promptly turned around and spent it on placing their cars for cameo appearences in the upcoming film. As long as we don’t ever see terminator robots mounting some sort of turret on a PT Cruiser I think I can live with this. More American-made Apocalypse after the jump.

Frankly I think the most likely vehicle to survive nuclear war is clearly the Toyota Hilux pickup truck, as proven on Top Gear. For 2009, Consumer Report ranked Chrysler at 32 of 34 auto manufacturers for reliability. A house of cards is tougher than a Sebring.

Chrysler has said they will seek another $3 billion in government aid, presumably so that they can put an Aspen in some film about the battle of Agincourt.