In Photographs: Pacific Northwest From Inside A Volvo XC70


As we look out our collective windows and bask in the fading glow of autumn, magnificent though it is, we sense the inevitability of the coming winter season. Now, then, is the perfect time to warm our souls with thoughts of endless summer days. Long-standing Friend of CarEnvy, Kathleen Zenith, spent several weeks touring the Pacific Northwest in her family’s Volvo XC70 this summer just so we could look through her lens in times of need. Or so I’m led to believe.

In pictures, and with a keen eye for composition, this is her journey.


Rumour has it that Ms. Zenith will be reading the comments section diligently. Not sure if that’s true…

No Instagram here.

Kathleen, far right.

When the winter blues have you firmly in their grasp, remember being together with loved ones.

Green Machine: Is it biodiesel ready?

So Kathleen, when’s your next trip?

[Photo credits: Kathleen Zenith]