Globe and Mail’s Joys of Vehicular Sex


The Globe and Mail has just posted up their Valentine’s Guide to Vehicular Sex, presumably in time for ardent readers to rush out and get themselves one of their listed vehicles in time for VD…uh, Valentine’s Day.

This article also mentions a certain documentary about mechaphiles who do, indeed, have sex with their cars, not just in them. It’s called Strangelove: My Car Is My Lover.

As I discovered after viewing this documentary for myself awhile back, some intrepid soul put it up on YouTube in its entirety. Simply look at this user’s other videos and follow the links to view the whole thing in its entirety. You know, if you like. Auto-eroticism as you may not have considered it previously. There was that lady who married the Eiffel Tower awhile back…

Well, you do know what they say, right? Isn’t that one word something about being “for unlawful car knowledge?” ;)