You Want Good Fuel Economy? How Does 2,487.5 MPG Grab You?


On March 27th, Team Alérion Supermileage from Université Laval in Quebec set a record with their 2,487.5 MPG concept car in the “Prototype” category at Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. They (and other teams competing) were seeking to beat their own previous record of 2,757.1 MPG, which they’d managed in 2009. Alas, no luck on that score—but they won for 2010 in their category anyway.

Two categories were available to entrants; “Prototype” was just what it sounds like, while “Urban Concept” was meant to be more real-worldly. A team from Mater Dei high school in Evansville, Indiana (US) took home the prize in that category for their 437.2 MPG entry.

Teams could use any means of fueling their vehicles that they liked. Hybrid fuel technology was also a possibility allowed by the rules. Interestingly, both winning teams chose gasoline as their poison, with stunning results.

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