From Craigslist: BugE Electric Vehicle


3nd3o83le5Qe5S65Rf9ace1542068172d171eWith so many manufacturers rushing to market electric cars of all shapes and sizes, who knew that we already have one available right in our backyards? It’s called the BugE electric vehicle and it’s for sale on Craigslist Edmonton, the perverse and obscure source for all your fringe automotive needs. So how many of your dollars you stole from your wife’s piggy back is this 3-wheeled, environmentally-conscious piece of death trap history?

Insured and registered in Alberta (presumably) as a motorcycle, the BugE is going for the low, low price of $9,500. That sum sounds reasonable enough for something with this much street green cred, but when it only costs about $4,000 from the manufacturer, that works out to be some steep labour costs even by Fort Mac standards.

If you’re a huge yuppie with more money than sense of self-preservation (the BugE only hits 80kph), then grab it before your mochaccino-sipping commune-mates do.

[Craigslist Edmonton]