Celebrity Car-nadian Questionnaire #3: Randy Rodriguez



His name might not immediately be familiar, but even though you don’t think you know who Randy Rodriguez is, chances are you know more than you think you do. Are you familiar with Nissan’s stunning (yes, Peter, I said it) 370Z?  Then you do know who Mr. Rodriguez is—he’s the man behind the award-winning design of that very vehicle. Luckily for us at CarEnvy.ca, he’s also a proud Canadian and was gracious enough to take the time out of his busy schedule to answer CarEnvy.ca’s CCQ!



Subject: Randy Rodriguez

1.) What was your first car?

1977 Datsun 280Z. I got the car before I had a license so I could work on it and fix it up.

2.) What’s your dream car?

Besides the 370Z which is my dream come true I love exotic cars. I’d drive either a McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo or Lamborghini Reventon if I had the means.

3.) What’s your most memorable experience involving a car?

Tough question as there are many, many memorable ones throughout my life. Probably the most memorable and meaningful one to me was about a car that was a world away from me. It was when Bruce Campbell (Vice President of Design at NDA) called me from Japan to tell me that my design was just chosen to be the next Z car.

4.) Where in the world would you most like to drive?

On some famous F1 racetracks in Europe or Asia.

5.) Is the automotive world better off without Chris Bangle?

I can’t really comment but I’m interested in seeing a new future direction of BMW.

[Concept Artwork: Randy Rodriguez and Nissan Canada]