Baconman Would Drive The Baconmobile


Put This Is You TankholeGasoline, especially the racing variety, smells sweet as it pours out an exhaust pipe. If you pound hard enough on an electric car, we’re told they smell like ozone, just like a carnival bumper car. Diesel fuel is
rather nasty but can conjure up nostalgic memories of youth and Volkswagens, assuming you’re that kind of geek. Other diesels smell like french fries if you run used fryer oil through them.

Dan and Tracy Kaderabek run their vehicles on processed pig fat which, when burned, smells like bacon. There is nothing better than this. Nothing. Comparatively, sex is trite.

The Kaderabeks run Bio-Blend Fuels, a three-acre processing plant in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. “The pork gets run through microwaves to make precooked bacon, the grease falls off and that’s what we use,” Dan says. “Americans’ bad eating habits ensure our supply.” Thank God for that, we say. [LA Times]