Axis Tuesday: Godzilla Wagon (Kids Heart StaGT-R)



While this may look like a Japanese RS6 Avant competitor, it is but a ruse.

When I first saw this picture, I looked skyward with the kind of thankfullness that one can only have from having their prayers answered. Like being saved from a Vietnamese POW camp, except not even close.

This vehicle appears to be a Nissan GT-R that some enterprising tuner has added a second set of doors and a hatch to. Perfect, now Nissan has a twin-turbo AWD family hauler to go up against the current boss of the segment, the Audi RS6. Right? Ummm no. Upon further investigation (a.k.a. reading words rather than looking at pictures), this vehicle is nothing more than a JDM M35 Stagea with a GT-R nose grafted on. So the face of the vehicle writes a check that the mechanicals can’t cash.

Now all I can do is hope that some other oddly-named Japanese tuner will make the GT-R wagon this vehicle should have been.