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Open Your Aston Martin One-77-Shaped Christmas Present!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas car lovers!

You’ve all been very good boys and girls this year, so you needn’t fear the cold carbon clumps of failure that greet bad children on Christmas morning. Most certainly not. In fact, you’ve been so excellent over the past 12 months that you deserve to be rewarded for your good deeds. Whether those good deeds included shoveling your neighbour’s walk, brushing and flossing daily, or leaving us a thoughtful blog comment matters not one iota; all that matters is your positive intention each and every day.

Your earnestly earned reward is nothing less than the exquisite Aston Martin One-77! Sadly, there simply aren’t enough One-77s for all of you, there are only 77 after all, so we’ve made you a fairer and more democratic gift: some quality photography that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. All you have to do is imagine the wrapping paper and bow.

So take some time over the holidays to enjoy YOUR 19-image tour of the most powerful naturally aspirated car in the world. Your gallery highlights include engineering wonders like the hand-crafted aluminum doors that spill uninterrupted into the side mirrors and the flawlessly aligned carbon fibre weave of the rear diffuser. It’s a cornucopia of lovingly crafted particularity – “One” that goes splendidly with egg nog and family.

Rip off the wrapping paper below!

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Fiat Heir Lapo Elkann and IASIP’s Charlie Day Hate Canada

The electron microscope of the media has been firmly fixed on Lapo Elkann, heir to the Fiat car company fortune, since Tuesday night when Elkann tipped the basketball away from the Toronto Raptors’ Jose Calderon. The tip prevented Calderon from keeping the ball in-bounds and thwarted Toronto’s defence of its lead against Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers. Kobe went on to make a 3-pointer at the buzzer for the win, despite being double-teamed. On a slightly unrelated note, Kobe Bryant is so amazing that Aston Martin is making a USD$550 limited edition shoe in collaboration with the all-star.

But wait, who is that to the right of Calderon? And why does he hate Canada’s only NBA team, and the whole country by association?

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Aston Martin’s Totally Unreleastic Cygnet Promotional Video

By use of this title, I’m not referring to the parkour-practitioners here depicted. It’s awesome, what they do. Visually, this video is loads of fun to watch.

But is anyone with half a brain seriously going to throw on blinders and totally ignore certain other vehicles like, oh, a DB9 in favour of a tarted-up Toyota iQ? Seriously?

Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe if you’ve got a lot of sponsors as a professional parkour athlete, you actually own all the cars in this video, and you’ve just decided to take the Cygnet out to get some late-night tacos after a wicked case of the munchies. That must be it.

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Aston Martin Dinghy…er, Cygnet Concept, Revealed!


As we previously mentioned, Aston Martin is indeed going ahead with their plans for their Cygnet—the retooled, rebadged Toyota iQ. Believe it or not, I can sort of see their point. No, it’s not because of my fondness for small, weird cars. (Even I wasn’t sold on it initially, and I’m still not 100% convinced now.) Follow the jump and see if you can follow AM’s logic like I did—oh, and also, there’s a gallery.

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Videos: Aston Martin One-77 Live Reveal and Engine Sound!

The £1.25 million (or CAN$ 1.93 million dollar) One-77, of which only seventy-seven will ever be produced, was recently revealed for the media at LA’s Galpin Motors after this past week’s Pebble Beach Concours. There, select members of the public were privy to something truly surreal and truly extraordinary. When I think of the Aston Martin V12 found in the DB9, I think of lazy, yet brutal, power. So when I heard that Aston was boring and/or stroking the 6.0L out to 7.3L for the One-77, I certainly didn’t expect the sound to be anything like it is. I fully expected muscle car tones, maybe like a ’68 Mustang 390 GT. And yet, there I was, jaw agape, as I heard the Carrera GT-like sound emanating from the aluminum and carbon fibre sculpture. See what I mean below

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Deal of the Day: Bristol 406 Zagato


What is just as rare as the GTbyCitroen, costs a tenth as much, and turns just as many heads? Our Deal of the Day: The Bristol 406 Zagato, of course. The details below.

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Montreal: Canada’s Ville Des Lumieres


This past week I spent a few days in Montreal QC, visiting family. Being a more metropolitan centre than Edmonton (difficult to imagine, I know), I fully expected Montreal to deliver the luxury automotive-spotting goods. And I wasn’t disappointed. The standard cars seemed to be Cees, Threes, and A-Fours – they were a dime a dozen. And not just ratty late 90′s models either, I’m talking about 2009 units here. The latest, greatest.

But it wasn’t all just entry-level exec sedans bumping along the cobblestone streets of Vieux Montreal, there were more outstanding highlights that included Maseratis, Astons, Ferraris, Volkswagens Bentleys, and other tarted-up German whips.

Follow the jump to check out the gallery of the cars I was quick and nimble enough to capture.

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Godzilla Versus The ‘Ring; Nissan GT-R Ups The Ante


The Nürburgring is the automotive Mecca. Don’t believe us? Try these statistics: 20.8 kilometers, 70 corners, gut-tightening elevation changes including dips and jump, enough microclimates to cause influenza. It is the track where the racing gods – Caracciola, Stuck, Nuvolari, Fangio – tamed monster race cars. When Ernest Hemingway said, “Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports… all others are games,” he was talking about the Nürburgring, though he may not have known it. Today, when not being a race track, it is a public toll road. For about $25 per lap, you too can play Jacques Villeneuve.

Respect must been paid. Pilgrimages have been made. Pause for effect.

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